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Residential Carpet Cleaning

A healthy home starts from the ground up with clean carpet. Your carpet acts as a sponge capturing dust, soil, pollen, dander, food particles and a host of other contaminants, it also represents a significant investment in your home.

Castle Carpet Care has the technology, equipment and expertise to effectively remove dirt and the cleaning solutions used to clean carpets. We realize that improper cleaning procedures can void your carpet warranty, so rest assured our methods are safe and GREEN FRIENDLY.

It is highly recommended by various carpet manufacturers that they be professionally cleaned every 6 months to a year.


Castle Carpet Care:

We specialize in residential and commercial carpet cleaning. We use a method that leaves carpets clean and dry within about 2 to 8 hours depending on the grade of carpeting and the air circulation in your home. With the speedy drying time carpets dry well before mold and mildew can form. Your carpets will stay cleaner longer. We also offer pet urine removal, odor removal, water damage restoration, carpet repair and reinstallation, area rug cleaning and we are always willing to give you a free in home estimate.